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We can upgrade, install and maintain your school’s servers, implement secure offsite backup and provide virtualisation and secure networking, including VPN connections. Our aim is to build a secure network that suits the needs of the school and meets the requirements of schools and academies for data security.

We work closely with schools to assess the requirements and help to develop the infrastructure and network solution that meets those needs in a cost-effective manner. From server installation and server virtualisation to a secure network that supports your data security policy and facilitates home working if necessary, we can implement a robust ICT infrastructure with secure networking.



If your website is hosted by Exa Education, we recommend taking advantage of their email system PupilMail. Alongside a staff email system, both integrate into Exa Education’s Email Self Administration Platform which enables schools to manage their domain’s email accounts via an intuitive web interface. 

PupilMail has been designed specifically for school environments, featuring large colourful icons and inappropriate word filtering, enabling students to email from an early age. It allows schools to enact their e-safety guidelines and is delivered with a inclusive list of inappropriate words built into the system as well as the option to tailor the filtered words. 


If your website is hosted by Exa Education, staff email is part of the package and includes free virus scanning, spam filtering and unlimited email accounts. The staff email system is integrated with Exa’s Email Self Administration tool, which enables schools to manage their domain’s email accounts as they require. 

Advanced features allow for the email service to be customised and users can block or allow specific domains and emails. The sensitivity of the built-in spam blocker can be altered and the user is able to decide how long deleted emails should be stored. The Email Self Administration tool is free and available with all the domains hosted or registered through Exa Education.


It is essential that your administrative network is secure and separate from the curriculum network available in the classroom. We can help to build an integrated infrastructure that provides the right security to keep these two networks aligned and protected. 


Our expert team can implement, upgrade and maintain your servers, and deliver server virtualisation to increase your servers’ capacity and reliability in a cost-effective solution. 


We know that your network holds sensitive data and we build secure, well supported solutions with online and offsite back up options as well as disaster recovery solutions for continuity and to make sure teaching isn’t impacted by any issues with the network. 

Using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol, staff can connect to a virtual desktop and access the same software solutions that they use in school, along with all of the documents and planning materials that they generate. All data is stored securely on the school server, eliminating the need to copy sensitive data offsite or store on unencrypted portable devices.

If staff need to access the network remotely, the Virtual Private Network will allow them to login securely online anytime from anywhere. The system is user friendly and compatible with many applications such as Microsoft Windows, iPad, iPhone and Mac. Through the Virtual Private Network, staff will be able to easily view and respond to emails, view and edit desktop documents and much more

We support schools in the use of the School to School file exchange system, as recommended by the Department of Education, and the implementation of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Both options allow for the transfer of confidential data and VPN functionality is built into the Exa Education-recommended routers and firewalls at no additional cost. 


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